Dental FAQs for Kids
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A young boy brushing this teeth at Kurt A. Gibson, DDS, PA in Winston-Salem, NCAt our pediatric office, dental care extends past just caring for the teeth. It is about the health and wellness of the patient as a whole. It is important to meet the needs of each patient, particularly when it comes to oral health. Children can be uncomfortable and fidgety in the dentist’s chair. Our dental team has the training needed to soothe and encourage our young patients through every step of their treatment.

We have the training needed to identify oral health concerns and answer questions so that they can be addressed before the child is at risk of facing much more serious issues later in life.

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Your child’s baby teeth have an important job to do when it comes to being a placeholder for the adult teeth that your child will develop. The baby teeth save the space for the adult teeth and serve to provide guidance for the developing teeth so that they grow into the right position.
If a baby tooth is lost, whether due to decay or an accident, the teeth on either side of the lost tooth will begin to drift into that now empty space. This can result in much less room for the adult teeth as they start to erupt. It may even prevent them from erupting, which can prove to be problematic.

Your child’s developing permanent teeth develop in close proximity to the roots of the baby teeth. The baby teeth are quite a bit smaller than adult teeth. This means that any decay in the baby tooth can rapidly spread through the enamel of the milk teeth. If a cavity or other forms of decay is not addressed in a timely manner, the child may develop an abscess. This can lead to permanent damage to the adult teeth that are developing below the baby teeth.

[[[H2:How Do I Help My Child Brush Their Teeth?]]
Many children will not brush their teeth if they are left alone to do so. Be sure to supervise your children when they are establishing good brushing habits. Start with applying the smallest amount of toothpaste on the brush for your child. It can prove to be more engaging and fun for your children if you brush your teeth at the same time. Older siblings can also join in.
Some children are able to better learn these important life skills when they are shown the best techniques for brushing. It will not take much time before they are reminding you that it is time for them to brush their teeth, without needing supervision.

What is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is the area of dentistry that mainly focuses on how teeth fit together. The orthodontists here at Kurt A. Gibson, DDS, PA help our patients who have problems with their bite, teeth that are misaligned, large gaps between their teeth, and other issues related to the jaw, teeth, and alignment. We typically recommend that children first visit an orthodontist at the age of seven.

We Are Here for You

At Kurt A. Gibson, DDS, PA we are committed to ensuring the dental wellness of our patients. We have the experience to help teach you how to care for your child's teeth. Contact Kurt A. Gibson, DDS, PA today to schedule your child’s next appointment.

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Dental FAQs for Kids - Dentist Winston Salem, NC - Kurt A. Gibson, DDS, PA
At Kurt A. Gibson, DDS PA we are committed to ensuring the dental wellness of our patients. We have the experience to help teach you how to care for your child's teeth. Call today!
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